How To Keep A Man From Playing Games

When it comes to how to get a guy to not play games, you gotta start from the beginning. So, if you’re seeing a guy and he plays games this could apply to the same situation but it’s better that you set the tone from the start.

You gotta learn how to set the tone from the start: the first things you say, the first date, the first time he disrespects you (because it’s gonna happen)–it’s all about the tone. The first thing when it happens and how you react to it is how to the tone is gonna be set throughout the entire relationship.

In the beginning, don’t go after the players. Go after simply people, go after guys that are normal every day guys because there’s a less chance that they play games because guys with a lot of options with women, they play games more. It’s just how it is. So, that’s the first one.

The second one is this: on the first day, you want to ask him “Are you one of those guys that watch dating advice channels and plays any of those games?” — say this from the beginning because it’s gonna get in his head.

Also, you want to be the coldest one. Even if you really like him, be the coldest one in the relationship. You want him to ask you to warm up and open up sometimes. By you being the coldest one, he’ll be the warmest one. By you being the coldest one, he’s gonna put in more effort to make you like him. By you being the coldest one, he’s going to put more effort to warm you up.

At the sight of any games like when he cancels a date on you, don’t see him for 3 weeks. Be busy. Why? It’s because the next time he tries to cancel again, he’ll remember it took you 3 weeks to see him. Cut off any sign of games: anytime he talks about another woman or makes you jealous, call him out on it and if he does it again, just walk out.

It’s not that you’re being petty but that he can’t just play those games on you. You’re gonna be an extreme person. If he’s saying something to make you jealous, your reaction shouldn’t be to listen, it should be to walk away and let him contact you.

If you want to avoid a guy playing games, you need to go to this kind of extremes because people will test you and the first time he tests you, you gotta cut it off right at the root.