Today we’re gonna be talking about how to keep a man desiring you. Desire is not about possessing you completely. Desire is more about the imagination because if you got what you desire, it is an unmitigated part of human nature to take it for granted.The beginning of meeting somebody, they will have peak desire for you and as the years go by, you will have periodic peaks and valleys but never going to stay at peak. The ones that desire you the most, for the most part will never have you.

  1. Your brain is programmed to get excited about the unexpected and that’s why when you don’t like the guy that likes you back because you’re more unpredictable.
  2. Contrast anything in the peripersonal space which can be experienced here and now. 
  3. Keep him distant from you. You got to put him in a sexually competitive state.
  4. Create a texting pattern. Have a variety of response time and what that does is create some kind of uncertainty.