How to Make an Emotionally Unavailable Man Emotional

Guys who are emotionally unavailable are guys who are suppressing their emotions. And mostly these guys are the guys who don’t like you and they’re with you because they don’t have any other options. They do this because they’re sensitive to criticism and that’s why they’re emotionally unavailable they can’t put themselves out there because they’re afraid to get hurt.

Another type of unavailability is when he’s too busy for you or he has another relationship on the side and those types of people you don’t force. You will not try to get them to break up with the other person you just leave them.

So what you have to do when dealing with these kinds of guys is to get to the spot where he was hurt. You gotta learn to act out childhood desires, you got to give him a desire that wasn’t given to him as a child because emotionally unavailable means his means weren’t meant.

How you would do it is you would notice what he hates and what he likes. Because when he hates something he lacks it and when he like something he needed it. And after this, you got to show him what he wanna be and be an example because in this way you can help him change since they are afraid of criticism. And this is also why I don’t recommend doing this because it could be exhausting.

So by doing all these things you are regressing him means you are allowing him to experience and heal the things that he never had. And if this sounds like a lot of work it’s because it is and I don’t think it’s worth it.