How to Make Any Man Miss You – 7 Powerful (toxic) Ways to Make Him Think of You!

These are 8 ways to make a guy miss you and show you how to really make a guy think of you and make a guy just to be around you.

The first way is to give him space. Men never fall in love with you, they fall in love with the mental image they have of you. Let the guy use his imagination so that he can think of you but in order for that to work he must have space. Once you feel like you have them, push away. Tell the guy that you’re bored with the relationship. Never let the other person take you for granted. Use absence, to create pain and conflict.

The second way is to become your own source of positive emotions. Learn to find happiness from within so that you become your own source of joy. This is the definition of being non-needy and an independent woman.

Also, it can be polarizing. Show intensity on the emotional spectrum. One moment is warm and the next moment is cold to him. One second show that you miss him and the next day show that you don’t miss him. Having contrasting qualities in your personality that counterbalance one another is often found to be exciting and attractive.

The fourth way is to send mixed signals. Don’t stop responding but make him feel like he’s losing you. The subtleness is what matters. When a guy you are dating thinks they can have you, they’ll go after you, but when he finds that you cannot, he’ll spiral into a vortex of love and desire. This especially works with ex-boyfriends and in getting a guy back after a breakup.
The fifth way is to orchestrate conflict. Create jealousy by including a 3rd party like a suspicious (gay) coworker, or celebrity crush. Get a male friend to comment on your status so that he can see it and feel envy. Tell him you’re not “happy” anymore (be sad), and let him do the work but make sure you validate him afterward!

The sixth way is to have preselection. Have the presence of platonic friends so that the guy’s imagination can come to a conclusion. Have a male best friend so that he can feel jealous.

The seventh is to show vulnerability. Too many tactics may raise suspicion so adding an element of vulnerability will disarm your target.

The last one is tears. Tears have an effect on men because sadness is also seductive. (Note: if a man doesn’t react to your tears… it’s done) Now, only use it when your target is suspicious about your motives, or when you worry that you’re not having an effect on them. The more sympathy and lust they feel for you, the higher the likelihood of them loving you.

When you add all these together, this is how you can make a man miss you. It can be a little manipulative, but as long as you have good intentions and your heart is in the heart place, use them. Just use it the right way.