How To Make Him Chase By Creating Space

Giving the guy the right space is necessary in order to make him attracted to you and allow them to experience what it’s like not to be around you. And giving the guy space allows them to return to emotional homeostasis where he’s back to how he normally feels and he contrasts that how you made him feel. And if he didn’t feel that it doesn’t mean that you did it wrong he just didn’t like you.

Creating space is not about punishing him but getting him ready for a reward. And remember everything in life you have to take a step back and it is not manipulation it’s just understanding human nature. The problem is that when we like someone we forget that and we act super needy.

The way to use space is first to give him a taste of what you have and show him attention. And suddenly withdrawing it back but remember to always have a valid reason. If you listen to this you will notice that this just happens naturally if you live your life and you don’t make yourself free for someone. Allow life to get in the way between both of you because if you don’t you’re pretty much self-sabotaging yourself.

Remember creating space should not come from resentment because in this case he’s gonna get defensive. He will not get needy and he’s gonna want to retaliate. This only works if you’re on good terms and the guy really loves you.

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