How to make men prove themselves

Understand that the most important thing is that if you are a nice girl men won’t feel the need to respect you. You’re not going to elicit that type of response it only comes when you develop an air of a sense of coldness in the beginning and from time to time. The problem is nice girls don’t know how to shut that off. 

And a man who will not try to prove himself to you thinks he is better than you in different ways like having more options and you not being the only option. And he thinks he’s doing you a favor being with you. And that type of condescending lack of appreciation type of attitude is what makes them act arrogant and you’re the one proving yourself to them. 

So how to make a guy fear losing you?

One is to make him feel like you doubt him. Make him feel that you doubt his personality or his intentions. Like you’re not sure about him. Because that skepticism naturally puts him in a position where he’s going to prove himself to you. Talk about your lack of trust in men in general about how men then naturally a man want to stand up for men. 

Tell or make up stories that will create the reputation that you are hard to please. And you easily leave when you see them flaking or get too comfortable or how unforgiving you are.

When you’re talking to a guy make them know what you don’t tolerate because studies have shown that whenever you talk about somebody about your no’s and it makes you more attractive. Verbally let them know your boundaries with sternness and seriousness and also whenever something bad happens pull away.

Now if he proves himself to you reward him. And that’s how you do it.  At the end of the day making a man wants to prove himself to you comes down to your willingness to walk away there is no magic pill for this.