How to Mindfuck A Him In 3 Easy Step (The Obsessive Formula)

This video has been controversial and today we’re gonna watch this again to see if I have the same take in my point of view today. Take note that you can use this video as a defense or you can offensive arsenal with good intentions.

So this formula starts with what we call the rule of three which is creating comfort through establishing a pattern, creating pain through removing the pattern, and rewarding. Start with creating the pattern by giving validation. Showing that you like him and that you actually became vulnerable. You will make him feel really appreciated and then suddenly you break that pattern when you inflict pain.

Look he thinks he got you because he feels your validation and if you keep doing that pattern he’s gonna lose attraction because he’s going to take that for granted. And he will show interest in other people. Now, I understand how people think it’s very manipulative but think about it. For you to actually feel something you have to feel like you could lose it.

How do you inflict pain? It could be through showing less enthusiasm suddenly one day you don’t text him or call him that much. You’re acting subtly unattracted to him and the person feels that. This type of pain will make him desperate for you. And this will take a lot of self-control and you can do that by controlling your fantasies thinking that they will not gonna work out and accepting them. Next, practice mindfulness and be present at the moment that’s when you bring awareness to the sensation.

Now after inflicting this pain his heart is gonna be open for validation. Any form of validation, attraction, and attention hits harder and resonates even better. He’s not gonna see it as needy but will appreciate it more. That’s why this is somehow good because it maintains the attraction but don’t do this in excess.

So what did I think of about this video? I wasn’t as bad as I thought as well honestly I keep thinking my old videos are like Satan incarnated but I think they’re pretty healthy they just have a provacative title.