How to Not Give a F*ck About What Women Think of You

The more you want something the less you’ll have it, the more you want to fall asleep the less likely you’re going to fall asleep, the more you want to give a perfect speech the less likely you will have a perfect speech, the more you like somebody to like you, the less likely they’ll like you Why? Because there’s something called “self-sabotage” and when people sense that you want something too much it’ll make them see you as lower value. When your body senses you need something a lot, it’ll naturally say wow this is really important i better not f*ck it up and so you’ll get more nervous and you’ll lose control over your body and emotions. So it’s all about learning how to redirect that nervous energy or how to over time eliminate it through some of the things we’re going to be talking in this video.

So stay tuned to learn more about this.