The first thing you gotta do is you have to be clear with your intentions. You have to have your end game to remain detached. Another thing is you have you make sure that he doesn’t have the suspicion that you’re trying to manipulate him because if this happens anything you would do would raise suspicion.

The second thing you have to open about having a crush on a guy that is his opposite. Because this will make them insecure. And have a guy friend that’s your type and will have this fear of losing you.

The third thing you got to do is in case he broke up with you and you’re over him but you wanna get some revenge. Get back with him and then be with his friend. That simple. This will break him, his friendships, and his trust. And get back with him and when that happens he is gonna suffer with his self-image now he doesn’t have control and you’re the one who is in control now.

The fourth thing you can do to mess up with him takes a long to respond. If you become this someone who doesn’t respond as much to a guy they will complain. And when they did you will say that you don’t like it and they’re being too needy. Always threatened to break up with him when he brings up this issue. What will happen if you do this is he is gonna question everything he does when he is around you. This is the place you wanna be where he constantly thinking about what to do or not to do around you.

The next thing is this three-step formula. The first step is to get to know them and let them get comfortable around you. You will want him to feel wanted, and needed, and he got you. Then the second step criticizes him for something accurate and makes him feel fear of loss. When you criticize him make sure it was a thing he really works on and be overly aggressive. The evilness and the goodness you showed him and his feeling will try to rationalize your behavior to find a way to keep the relationship. Once you notice the change of behavior you do the third step by rewarding him by apologizing. Reward him when he feels the lowest.

Another tactic is making a bold move this is something you can do to build your reputation so he can know who you are. Be known that someone who can break up with him instantly. After this start being detached and wait for him to start begging. This will put him in the fear of loss.

The next thing is do not commit to him. Be half in a relationship and half polygamous. See other people and let them know that you only loved one guy. When you do that this will make him question why and create insecurities and doubt himself. And that’s gonna make him want you more.

The last thing is to get back with the guy and then friend zone him. And if you’re able to put him in this position you can really break him. You can see him about seeing another guy. The most important thing is hiding your intentions and acting like you really don’t care.