How To Show A Woman That You’re Not Easily Impressed By Her

A lot of the times, when most guys talk to a woman, they feel like they have to impress the woman. That is the feeling that guys have when they’re talking to a woman and you can sense the pressure. Like, she’s sort of trying to tell you “Show me why I should go out with you” and so I’m gonna show you how to communicate that to a woman non-verbally and verbally.

Having qualifying questions. This is something that I used to do a lot when I was younger and doing pick up. When you qualify a woman, it shows your value. People do this a lot in interviews where they say, “Tell me why should we hire you”. I do notice that when you tell people why you want something, it sort of makes you want it a little bit more.

Qualification is all about making the woman feel that she has to impress you. How do you do that? First, find out what are the things you value in a woman and then ask her the qualifying questions. If she says no, show disapproval but try to hide it. Find out what matters to you, you ask it and because it really matters to you, you want to feel like you’re disappointed but communicate it in a way that you’re trying to suppress your disappointment.

The next one is with your facial expressions when she says something stupid. Your facial expression acting like “What the f did you just say?” or it could be that you don’t even say something.

This is all very subtle but this is pretty powerful especially when a girl likes you or if a girl has some interest in you and then you qualify? Bro, you’ll notice that when you qualify a woman and she says something wrong, you’ll notice that she corrects herself instantly.