How To Show Him You Love Him Without Saying It Or Losing Your Power

Today we’re going to talk about how to show a guy that you love him without turning him off or without losing your power. A lot of the times, guys are just waiting for you to say you love him first so that he could conceal his intentions and act a little uncertain.

The problem is that when you don’t know what you feel and he knows what you feel, there is a natural power imbalance and when there is one, people become tyrannical, cold and sometimes they just don’t even see you as a person. They just see you as a source of something that they can control. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

You need to get your mind out of this Disney fantasy you have and realize that Disney is a movie and Disney is not reality. When it comes to love, it’s not about being direct because when you become too direct with love it could be suffocating. It’s more about suggesting love–that’s more exciting than anything else.

The goal for you when you express your love with somebody is not to leave them completely certain of your love but to leave a little doubt of your love. Leave a little sense of doubt by showing your love with your actions and not showing it with your words. Send a little mixed-signal and create a little bit of confusion. By doing that, you make them feel alive. It’s better to feel those emotions than feeling nothing and that’s why when you don’t do it, it becomes boring.

What I want you to do is to speak less with your words about how you feel and more with your actions. Learn to speak less about how you feel until he has proven himself and until he has said things that is obvious that he loves you. You want him to make the first move.