How to Stop Caring What Men Think of You

Today we’re gonna talk about why guys start chasing you when you stop caring.

This will work on guys that like you and guys who only like you for their ego. Some guys have abandonment issues and they only want you because you’re reminding them of someone who they loved in the past and it activates their desire to please and get you validation.

Understand that the coldness you bring to the guys gets them to be much more closer to you. You should not be so excited when meeting people because your desire for a relationship and love betrays you. Don’t tell people how desperate you are and you have to keep it to yourself verbally and non verbally. Learn to keep emotions to yourself.

Love your life to the point you don’t need a man. And this is the hardest part. This is a process and you will not get it on the first day. Loving your life means if a guy cancels a date with you, you can still continue your day. And that’s not what you’re only saying but you really feel it.

And when you love your life you have to create that life by setting long term goals. Because long term goals come with pleasure not in the beginning but as you keep progressing towards achieving that goals it will bring you so much pleasure. And that makes temporary and short term things look mundane to you.

And the next thing to actually stop caring is to focus on being present in the moment. It is gonna show you an awareness of what’s going on inside of you. You learn to be content with your life and how to control your emotions. 

When you stop caring you will notice that your behavior will change. Everything you do, say, and express. Because if you actually do love your life everything will come natural.