How to Treat Men So They Don’t Take Your Niceness For Granted

In this video I will talk about tips on how to treat men so they don’t take your niceness for granted. 

First off, you want to be a person of few words, it’s that simple, whether you ‘re a man or woman. You could be somebody who is internally strong but because of your nice habits you sometimes communicate weakness, you end up always having to have this uphill climb to gain people’s respect rather than learning how to get their respect from the start. Silence is the most powerful way and easiest way to convey wisdom, respect and authority. Silence exudes confidence and creates a subtle air of mystery. Second is learn to hide or minimize your reactions. There’s something about learning to be less expressive in your face. People are left to guess about what you’re thinking, you get in their heads more. This communicates power and strength. A lot of times people sense power and strength emanating from your non-verbal cues. When people disrespect you is when you start pulling away. It’s only through disrespect that they really see your true strength, and what is your strength? your willingness to walk away. Third is not letting yourself be taken for granted. Always see yourself as a queen or a king. People will always judge the way you dress. How you showcase yourself sometimes dictates how you want them to treat and respect you. And Lastly, respect yourself, always have some dignity. If they are always late or always flaking on you, respect yourself and stop seeing that person. So there you go guys, those are my personal tips on how to act and treat men so they don’t take your niceness for granted.