How to Use a Man’s Ego Against Him

Competitive statements are statements that you use to put a man in a sexually competitive state. So let’s talk about how to do it.

One, disqualify him. Disqualifying him means looking for something that is the opposite of him or the opposite of what he could ever achieve. The best example for this is his race if he’s a white guy tell him about how your ex is a black guy. Because then he is going to compare himself.

You could also tell how badly you wanted to be in a relationship with someone when you told him you didn’t want a relationship with him. So he would question himself why you didn’t feel the same way towards him.

The second thing you can do again before doing this you have to be a little distant and cold with the person. Then you looked at him and tell him “We will really make some good-looking kids” out of nowhere then immediately change the topic. By doing this you implant the idea of being together and having kids. And what it does is he imagines it and once a guy imagines having kids with you. You can almost call that a checkmate.

You see if you’re a nice girl men won’t value you as much unless they see that other guys want you. This will raise his level of competition to get you and will start respecting you a little bit more temporarily. Temporary until he finally feels he got you based on your non-verbals and how much you tolerate him.

To keep that respect you have to elicit that fear of losing yourself. You have to let them know and feel that whenever they mess up you are gonna leave them. They have to sense that air of coldness and that anytime you are willing to pull away with them. So let them what you tolerate and boundaries especially follow through with your threats.