How To Validate A Guy Without Looking Needy

We’re going to talk about two types of validation today and two ways to validate a guy. When you like a guy, you’re naturally going to validate him. You’re going to slip up or gave him a look.

At the end of the day, we want to minimize as much validation as possible especially in the beginning.

The first type is passive validation. What’s passive validation? Saying yes to hanging out in-home, saying yes to sex. This is the number one type of validation that I want you guys to show most of the time. Because this leaves some doubt. It is also a type of validation where your insecurities will naturally make you doubt what you see.

The second type is active validation. This comes with words, compliments, gifts. This is the kind of validation that we hear, that we see with our own eyes. Active validation is the kind of validation that we want to balance in a very direct way, this is also a type of validation that we don’t want to use often.

Let’s talk about how to validate him. It’s important to understand the two types of validation.

First, before you validate the guy, always, there should be cold, warm, cold. The more you validated him by mistake through neediness, go in the opposite direction, act like you’re cold.

Second, you validate the guy when he validates you. You gotta put a reward when he puts effort. Validation is okay when there’s space afterward.