How Women Lose Their Power In Relationships

The first thing that people do that makes them lose power is complaining. People don’t respect someone who complains a lot. They protrude energy of toxicity because in their mind they are always victims. When you always complain you better start appreciating life and you’re not fun to be with.

Number two is being holier than now and this is one mistake most people do. It is when they come across to perfect and you just know everything. The problem about that is when something bad comes out about you one day they can use it against you. When you live with other people’s standards they can easily control you.

The third thing is your inability to say no will make people easily control you. Always saying yes happens when you’re trying to get someone’s validation. The thing you will be resentful about thinking the world is manipulating you but the fact is, it is you allowing it to happen.

Fourth is being reactive where you take seriously everything everyone says or does. You do this because you care about what the people think that’s why you feed off the validation. What happens is you tend to lose yourself because you’re looking for yourself for other people’s reactions. Reactive people don’t have this sense of qualities they have no sense of identity, they don’t know themselves, values, appreciation of life, and personal purpose in life. Because they are always based on the environment and they have been living in secondhand’s experience.

Number five is having no personal boundaries and this is why people take advantage. People will test you and as you keep saying yes they’ll keep going further. Having no personal boundaries also shows that you don’t respect yourself.

The problem is that reactive people have these five qualities they have no personal sense of identity, appreciation of life, value, emotional intelligence, and personal purpose. You react to value when you can easily solve it with self-fulfillment. This is all relative to your value as a person if you feel like you’re more high value than the person you’re with you act more confident but when you think someone is high value you lower your value and you don’t act like yourself.

So what you should do is stop comparing yourself and stop finding happiness based on what other people lack. And in order for you not to lose power base your value on who you are in the equal realm.