Every woman will test you. Today we’re going to talk about how they test us and how to pass those tests.

  1. They test your patience – you almost have to expect things not to work out so that you could lower your expectation. If a woman cancels at the last minute, just meet up with her two weeks from now instead. Make her wait.
  2. They test your masculinity – Women will find what makes you mad and they’ll just mess with you or they’ll be the masculine one and say hold this for me. They get you mad just to see the way you react. The most important thing is not to get butt hurt. What you gotta do is you just let her know that you don’t like what she did without getting mad and then change the topic. They also like to provoke you to break up with them just to see whether or not you are man enough to break up with them and thats why you got to have clear boundaries.