Every guy has to see this video. If you’re a nice guy, you better watch this video because this is the type of shit that women would do on you if you let them play you. Understand this about people, not just women, if you let somebody play you, they will play you. It’s that simple and women are the ultimate manipulators.

The first sh!t that women do to troll men that they don’t like is that she likes all of your photos and she responds to your stories and watches your stories (she might even be the first one who watches it) but it never leads to anything. Look, that type of sh!t, to me, that just looks like she’s trolling. Don’t even pay attention. Fck that sht. Block her. Do not give her the satisfaction of playing those silly ass games with you.

The second one is that she never says no entirely. She never really says no. She always has to say everything but no. Wonder why? It’s because the “no” will liberate you. The “no” will cause you to not return and what cause you to return is the hope that she’ll give you something. Dopamine is not released at attaining something, it’s released at the hope of attaining something., when you have anticipation, surprise, and when you don’t know what’s gonna happen. Do not fall for the “no”, for the unclear “no” of a woman.

The third one is that she always has an excuse why she can’t see you. There’s always an excuse why she’s can’t see you. Why? It’s because she just doesn’t like you but she wants to keep you around.

The fourth one is that she cancels at the last minute. Let me tell you something, I think thast the most disrespectful thing you could do to a guy that you don’t know is to cancel last minute. Take last-minute cancellations as the ultimate disrespect. Just think about, how many things do we cancel last minute? Do we genuinely cancel last minute? It doesn’t happen all the time. They were justd dragging their feet and at the last minute decided to finally muster up the courage and tell you “no”.

The only way for this to work out is that she has to give you another day while she’s cancelling or call you–one of those two–because if she just cancels without giving you another date, for me personally, I’ll just block that number and move on.

The fifth one is that she acts super interested until you ask her out. She gives you those signs of interest and that look but as soon as you ask her out–like a dog tucking his tail–she just runs away. That’s a sign that she’s a bonafide attention wh@re.

The sixth thing is that when she accepts a date, she suggests dinner dates and you never get sex. I’ve seen that kind of guys, they let these women do that. I’m not even gonna blame women for that.

The seventh one is that you’ve been on more than five dates with her and there’s still no sex. Unless she’s a nun, if a woman haven’t given up that in five dates, move on. You don’t even mess with her, just move on.

Don’t do favors for women you haven’t had anything done in a romantic setting.