How You Give Up Your Power To Men And How to Get it Back!!

How to stop being the girl that everyone takes advantage of? Because you guys have more power than what you guys think.

So why do men take advantage of you? One law of nature is people will attack you if they think you’re weak. How did they know you’re weak is because of the second law of nature and that is people will sense your weakness through your sub-communication and things you’ve done in the past. You see, people always read and interpret your actions and try to find a place to put you in their minds. And we always send signals it’s either you’re sending strong signals or weak signals. You cannot control your self-communication is a reflection of how entitled you feel. Lastly, the third law of human nature is people are after the easiest whim they will deter you if they sense you will harm them. Now if people sense you’re weak but you have some fight in you they will deter you. 

So now we know the law of human nature how do you stop being taken advantage of? The first step is don’t be nice. You believe that being nice will get you what you want but that is not the case.  If you’re too nice focus on confronting just to overcompensate for your lack of assertiveness.

Second, when you feel like not confronting do the opposite. It is the willingness to confront that sends strength signals.

The third thing is to make your goal complete independence which means emotional, physical, and financial independence. Why? Because when you feel dependent it limits your options. Focus on being self-sustaining.

I want you to think of losing them and be okay with it. Not because you want to leave them but because you know you’ll be able to survive the pain of losing them. Having the confidence to be able to survive any emotional pain. And the way to do that is to make it a goal and through time you’ll get it.