Look ladies, this is the one thing women do that makes me lose respect for her is when I disrespected her and she doesn’t call me out on it. Let me tell you a storytime about that.

I was seeing this girl during a pandemic and she will always come over. She’ll come over, eat some food and do some work and that went on for like a year. And then one day when she was doing something and a girl called me. And she was like “Hey do you wanna meet up tonight?” and was like yes and I hang up and I thought everything is good. So after that, I bring her back to her apartment.

And this girl told me she doesn’t speak English because I met her in Mexico. So I was out here thinking I had already gotten away with it. Now while I am on my way back at the uber she texted me asking if I make a date while we’re doing the work. And I didn’t expect that she will bring that up. So I was unprepared so I said “no” and she say she didn’t believe me. The next day she comes over and ends up doing the work again. That time I lost respect for her because she didn’t stand up for herself.

I would say that when somebody disrespects you it’s time to show your worth. And even when a guy likes you when he disrespects you and you let him he will see you differently. So always stand up for yourself.