I Went NO CONTACT On Her And She Turned The Tables – Story Time

I am gonna give you a story time about how I give a woman a silent treatment and how she successfully reversed it.

So I was dating this beautiful girl from Brazil, I met her on a plane and she sats next to me. And I draw at the entire flight and she asked me about it. Long story short we started going out and she told me she lived in New York City.  She is a submissive person and she doesn’t talk back to me and I kinda like that. She would do everything I say but that makes me lose my respect for her. And then one day she started standing up to me, she started being late, she started a long time to text me back, she was still consistent and she would still see me but when we’re not together in person she started to be a little cold.

That’s why I decided to go on a silent treatment. So then I began not to hit her up. She always sees me but she never initiates contact. So I started posting a picture to look like I am with someone. And three weeks after I give up and I hit her up. When I hit her up she acted as nothing happened. And you that made me feel like she was happy to see me but she can do it without me. 

Looking back at it I know she did like me but she played it very well. And that makes me respect her.