If A Guy Is Acting Hot And Cold, Remember This

Today we’re going to be talking about if a guy is acting hot and cold, always remember this.

  1. Hot and cold men blind you from reality because when somebody is acting hot and cold, they’re making you emotional and the reason why they’re making you emotional is because you cannot predict them. Hot and cold people give you that gambling effect where you don’t know when the coldness or warmth is coming. Tolerating hot and cold behavior will get you emotional, make you irrational and will make you act out of character.
  2. Emotions create impulsive patterns that cannot be controlled and those emotions become predictable. If somebody says he likes you, and is acting hot and cold, that makes no logical sense. A hot and cold guy means he doesn’t like you that much and if he does like you, is that the type of love you want to have in your life? Somebody who is inconsistent?
  3. Leave anybody who is hot and cold. This is not how people act when they like you or when they respect you. This is not normal behavior. You’re always going to see over time that it never works out.