If a Man Behaves Like This…. RUN!!!!

The number one thing you want to avoid in a guy is inconsistencies and we’re going to talk about 4 types of inconsistencies you should never tolerate from men. An inconsistent guy will make you emotional, he will make you blind from reality.

  1. Texting and calling inconsistency – Sometimes they respond fast but for the most part they take 8-10 hours to respond and when they do respond, they respond enthusiastically, sometimes they respond coldly.
  2. Emotional inconsistencies – this means that one day he’s happy with you, the next day he’s cold. You got to leave him. Inconsistent people that emotionally are not there and there, you’ll feel a roller coaster of emotions. Don’t tolerate that.
  3. Meetup inconsistencies – That means he’s out always, he’s cancelling dates from time to time. When deep down you don’t know whether or not he’s gonna meet up with you and up until the date you’re just anxious, that’s not a good sign. You’re pretty much traumatizing yourself.
  4. Sex inconsistencies – when a guy have sex with you consistently for a week and the next week he’s not, you should put this more in context  if he’s consistently everywhere about that then it’s kind of maybe he has low sex drive, or maybe you need to spice things up. But if you have all of these and then you have inconsistent sex, then that’s the nail in the coffin.