If a man says this, WALK AWAY

Today we’re going to talk about when a man says any of these things during the first meeting or first month, just walk away.

  1. If a guy tells you he’s not over with his ex – most guys won’t tell you that. The guys who tell you they’re not over their ex are the guys that will like you and tell you about their dating life. If a guy is not over with his ex, never try to compete with an ex and I recommend you to move on.
  2. Always busy – If he’s unavailable most of the time, it’s better off not to make it work because humans naturally end up being with people who are close to them.
  3. Always have mental issues – If a guy is always depressed, I would recommend you to find somebody who has no mental health issues.
  4. A bad texter – If a guy says he rarely has his phone on him, it just plants you the idea that he’s not gonna text you that much and he’s just going to use that as an excuse every time he takes a long time to respond.
  5. Narcissist – A lot of narcissist people tell them they’re narcissist. You might it endearing at first but in the long term it won’t work out and will just waste your time.