IF He Does this In The First Month, He’s Trying to Swindle You… RUN! – Tinder Swindler

The tinder swindler is very easy to find if you didn’t compromise on one of these standards. Standards are there to override emotional decisions. Three rules to never break in dating a guy are never accept guys verbally and physically abusing you, a guy who hates you, and a guy who asks for money.

It is in women’s instinct to always look for a better option. But you could overcome that and make sure this doesn’t happen by having standards. And one of those standards is never giving money to a guy.

I know a lot of you ladies are smart so you’re not gonna fall for it but you know what if you like a guy a lot it could potentially happen to you. Because when you fell in love that’s when you become the most gullible and that’s why you have to rely on standards to keep you on the right path.