If You Accidentally Validated A Guy, DO THIS!

You made a mistake and validated him too much. What do you do once you do that?

There is a way to recover, but it all depends on context. If you love somebody, you’re gonna validate them too much sometimes, because the emotions you feel towards somebody tend to be so intense that validation is something that happens. it’s okay, just do this:

First, know the context of the situation. If you know that you’re the one chasing him and you validated him too much. That’s okay, whatever you think it is, then you gotta do the next step.

Second, see what happens. If you validated him, does he get cocky or does he get closer to you? If you’re pretty much a pushover, and you become more of a pushover when you open up, then this person doesn’t care about you. He clearly sees the imbalance, he doesn’t care.

Third, pull away. Anytime you validated a guy, always pull away. If he doesn’t get cocky at you opening up, still pull away a little bit, just like one little salt. Your level of pulling away depends on the level of interest. But it doesn’t mean that if he’s really interested, you never pull away. Pull away a little bit, based on how much he likes you.