If You Keep Attracting Toxic Men, Do This Instead

Today we’re going to talk about the secret to attracting better quality guys.

The secret to attracting the right men is all about your self esteem and your boundaries and expectations that you have. The main priority is observing yourself and observing what’s really motivating your behavior and actions. What are you focusing on? What’s the outcome you have in mind? The thing is when you deal with relationships, it feels like something is missing but in reality nothing is missing. You’ve been made to believe that you are not full.

You have to begin noticing the image that you have for yourself. When you learn to have high self esteem, you’re going to begin to be more attracted to high quality guys. So in order for you to begin to have high self esteem, observe the emotions of high self esteem and low self esteem. Begin to become aware of what’s inside of you.