If You’re Not His Number 1 Priority, do This Instead

Today we’re going to be talking about how to become a guy’s number one priority and also how to make a guy realize he likes you.

Sometimes a guy likes you but you’re giving him all the time of day but he doesn’t decide. He feels like you’re always going to be there and he even senses weakness from you and that’s why he’s taking his time to decide because he knows you’re always going to be there. You have to realize value is a social thing. If you don’t know something’s valuable, you know it’s valuable if you see somebody else valuing it and all of a sudden you want it.

What you will notice if it is working on the guy is he will suddenly start doing something. You’ll notice him tagging along, you’ll notice him texting you more if he has your number. What you’re doing is that you’re creating competition and pressure. What you created was a deadline and that deadline was somebody was going to get you. If you are dating a guy casually and it’s been three months and when you want to make them decide, put pressure, create a deadline.