JENNIFER LOPEZ & BEN AFFLECK – Why Couples Get Back Together

We’re gonna explain to you why people get back together after a break up. One of the best ways when you break up with somebody is just to work on yourself by constant meditation and just by being able to talk it out and release those frustrations but going and finding somebody else tends to make these things happen. You’re either going to gravitate towards somebody that reminds you of your ex which causes you to make a mistake or you gravitate towards the opposite which causes you to find different problems. None of your decisions come from  rational thinking, these are all emotional reactions.

This is all about chance. Luck has a lot to do with you finding people, you finding the right person. Sometimes it’s not your fault why relationships don’t work out but if you take it as a personal thing and you assume that they don’t work out because of you, then you’re going to keep repeating the same mistakes.