Lies Men Are HARDWIRED To Tell Women

Any successful species in culprit especially if they’re smart and intelligent incorporates lies. Now, the men that we have today have come from a bunch of ancestors who get the sex. There are ways to get that and one of them is to be a high-value man. To be the men every woman wants to be with.

Now how average men can pass their genes if they weren’t at the top of the top? They can do it through manipulation and deception. Any good man is able to manipulate and deceive a woman to get what they want. Because women generally lie to get something out of a man and they can lie about sexual access and that’s what women are good at. And by giving these hints, men are willing to give a lot of things to women. 

So what do men lie about? They lie about access to resources. He’ll tell you that he wants to commit to you. He lies about the commitment he has to you and how much love he has for you. Why? Because women are looking for cues of commitment in men by verbally saying, spending time, and sticking through hard times. Then when the man starts giving the impression of being willing to commit to women to give the sexual access. they’ll start to emotionally invest and then fall in love. And if women make the mistake of picking a guy who’s not willing to commit resources when he gave the impression they become stuck.

So what can you do? First thing is to wait, be inconsistent with him, and be aware of red flags. Don’t look for good things in a man. Look for red flags. If you are a naive person and you like the guy you should watch out more about the red flags because you are more subject to manipulation.

One more thing men are wired to lie about is how much value they have. They’ll lie about how women they slept with, the number of cars they have, how much money they have, or even how tall they are.

Another thing men lied about is telling that they didn’t love the other woman they cheated with. Men learned that women can tolerate cheating as long as they know that there is no emotional connection because emotional connection is a threat to their resources.

So, women people don’t do things at once. And cheating is a death of it. You cannot be this optimistic to the point of being blind.