Miami, FL (9/2)


Miami, FL (9/2)


This one day seminar will teach you how to overcome neediness, become more present and naturally learn how to sub communicate confidence, and sexuality with little to no effort. 

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This comprehensive one day seminar that will provide you with the tools to naturally transform your inner being in order to overcome neediness and let go of all insecurity.

This life altering day of brain Hemorrhaging Immersion – traveling DEEP Down the “rabbit hole” to the most advanced understanding of dating, inner transformation, and self-actualization in existence.

You will learn the following:

  • Drop all defensiveness and eliminating neediness
  • Learn the root cause of your neediness
  • Uncover your deepest and truest self through presence
  • Learn how to be confident in all situations by letting go of role plays
  • Become your own source of positive emotions that will eliminate all neediness once and for all
  • Reinvent Yourself, By Creating a Positive and Lasting Change at the Core Level of Your Existence
  • Completely Eliminate ALL Rejection from Your Life Instantly… and For Good
  • Become a Woman of Power, Knowledge, and Presence
  • Radiate Complete Control, Confidence, and Inner Peace… Which Men Find Super Attractive