Social Mastery - London (August 17th, 2019)


Social Mastery - London (August 17th, 2019)

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This one day laser-focused seminar will provide you with the tools to naturally transform your interactions with men not through a superficial tactics, but through an identity level change. The type of change that strikes you at the core of who you are. 

Most dating advice base getting results on what you do. They focus their attention on what doesn't matter; the doing. I focus on the being. We will go from doing to being. This state of being is an effortless expression of who you are.

This effortless self is who you are, but most people are riddled with insecurity and their truest self never shines through as a result of it. The Transformational Seminar is meant to break those walls down. 

This life altering day of brain Hemorrhaging Immersion – traveling DEEP Down the “rabbit hole” to the most advanced understanding of dating, inner transformation, and self-actualization in existence.

The beauty of this seminar is that you will learn how to change your behavior, emotional reaction and mindset, not through will power, but through simple, and practical tactics. 

This is THE seminar for those who are tired of living a life of conformity. So if you're absolutely ready to change then sign up for this seminar girl! Oh btw... I'm going to be there. So that's another reason to join... just saying :)

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