Online Group Coaching (11/11@ 3pm)


Online Group Coaching (11/11@ 3pm)

from 10.00

Got a question that needs to be answered but can't afford the personalized coaching? Well now you can ask me your questions at a small fee compared to what it normally costs (up to $200 for 30 minutes!).

You'll be able to ask me your questions and you'll also be able to not only get your questions answered in the live seminar, but you'll also get to listen in to the other answers. 

The group coaching will be broadcasted online, so it's best to change your name up differently, and maybe change a few important facts about you in the question just to keep it discreet. 

You'll get the link of the group coaching the day of the event. It'll either be through youtube, google hangout or some other service. 

You'll also receive a form where you'll be able to ask me your question. 

The order of your question being answered is all based on who was first and who was last.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to send them away!  

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