Mastery Seminar (Saturday, October 26th and October 27th @ 11 AM - 3 PM )


Mastery Seminar (Saturday, October 26th and October 27th @ 11 AM - 3 PM )


We will be splitting this seminar in 2 sections, Practical and Social Mastery.

Practical Mastery

This 4 hour seminar is based on the concept of mastery and how to achieve your own personal mastery and get on your purpose. To me, this is what helped with my own depression and not having a sense of purpose.

What I love about this seminar is that you will actually learn the most powerful principles to achieve ANY GOAL and overcome ANY challenge in the world and above all, UNLEASH YOUR CREATIVITY.

You will learn how to feel unstoppable, while being rooted in reality. You’ll learn how to set your mind on auto pilot that will make achieving your goals almost inevitable. You will learn soooo much because these principles will teach you how to have the right obsessions that will create an almost inevitable feeling that you will achieve your goal.

And you know what’s the best part?

These feelings and thoughts will be GROUNDED IN REALITY.

You will learn how to think BIG in a realistic way. You will learn the synergistic process of transformation and achieving your goals. These powerful concepts will leave your mind in a post orgasmic state; a mindgasm.

So please if you can, attend this seminar. This will be life changing. If you think you heard everything of what I have to say, you’re wrong.

We will also be talking about embracing your dark side, and your masculine and feminine to unleashed repressed creativity. This is truly one of the most incredible concept I’ve ever come across.

Social Mastery (Saturday, October 27th @ 11 AM -3pm)

This workshop is dedicated to an atomic breakdown of the fundamental dynamics of social conditioning. This brutal demolition will permanently damage the roots of your insecurity.

You’ll learn how to navigate the social matrix and influence those around you without triggering defensiveness in them. This workshop will take you step by step on how to improve your social skills. And yes, you’ll learn how to make ANYONE fall in love with you.

This workshop is for those who are tired of being unaware of the illusive and brutal reality that surrounds us. I will ARM YOU with the necessary arsenal of skills that will protect you and help you overcome any challenges/manipulations or any sort of friction that will get in your way of your goal.

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