The Inevitable Seminar (donation based)


The Inevitable Seminar (donation based)

from 5.00

DATE: May 12th at 12pm in NYC

So I’m having the seminar that I’ve been trying to have for months, and that’s my self help seminar!

This self help seminar are some of the concepts that I’ve used in my life to take me to where I am today. It may not be much, but it’s my personal best.

But what I love about this seminar is that you will actually learn the most powerful principles to achieve ANY GOAL and overcome ANY challenge in the world.

You will learn how to feel unstoppable, while being rooted in reality. You’ll learn how to set your mind on auto pilot that will make achieving your goals almost inevitable. You will learn soooo much because these principles will teach you how to have the right obsessions that will create an almost ineabitable feeling that you will achieve your goal.

And you know what’s the best part?

These feelings and thoughts will be GROUNDED IN REALITY.

You will learn how to think BIG in a realistic way. You will learn the synergistic process of transformation and achieving your goals. These powerful concepts will leave your mind in a post orgasmic state; a mindgasm.

So please if you can, attend this seminar. This will be life changing. If you think you heard everything of what I have to say, you’re wrong.

So if you want to attend, reserve your spot now!

The seminar will be somewhere in NYC.

You’ll know where the seminar will be a few days prior to the seminar.

If you are attending online, but would like to donate more than five dollars, simply pick any of the in person prices and don’t respond to my email when I ask you when you’re coming :)

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