Make a Guy Commit By Saying This Phrase

Today we’re going to talk about how to make a guy commit to you in less than a month.

The first thing is if you want to make a guy commit, you first have to create competition and make him fear losing you. If a guy is indecisive about you, it may be he doesn’t like you too much or he may not feel the competition enough.When somebody is in love with you, logic is out of the window. If he’s in love with you he would be thinking irrationally. 

What you have to do is create scarcity without making him think you’re looking for a relationship. It’s like you’re sort of saying you’re seeing somebody because you two are not in a relationship and if he does get mad and still doesn’t offer the relationship, he’s just selfish and just wants to use you and doesn’t care about your happiness.

And after saying that, slowly start to pull away because you want to give him enough chances.