What I’m about to teach you is pure evil and it’s how to make a woman think of you non-stop. The most important way to make a woman think of you non-stop is just to not be needy and hope that she likes you. She has to have some chemistry with you and she has to genuinely like you in her heart and as long as you give her space, she’s going to think of you.

Now if you want to force the issue and she kind of likes you but not to the point where she’s gonna think of you obsessively then this is the right video for you. Warning: don’t use this for evil purposes.

Aside from having natural chemistry, the best way to make a woman think of you is to first know her for a while. This works if you’re in the friendzone because you can get to know her and she can become a little bit vulnerable with you. The first thing is giving her strong criticism based on reality.

You want to get to know her for a few weeks, her quirks, the good and the bad and after a few weeks of being consistent with her, you then criticize her. Give her a criticism that’s based on reality. And then the next day, act as if nothing happened.

Another thing is mental inception, it’s the art of insinuation. What you do is find out something she doesn’t have and tell her that you like it. It’s all about comparing her. It’s like saying “I love women who are athletic” when she’s not athletic and then change the topic. The point is that you say the comparison and you change the topic. You don’t explain. When you do this, you’re gonna create an insecurity in her heart where she’s going to think of you. It’s toxic.

The last thing you could do is act weird. When you know a girl for a few weeks and it’s like the third time after you have sex and you guys meet, sit across. She’s not gonna say anything but she’s gonna notice something’s wrong and she’s gonna say and think “Is he losing interest? Is there something wrong with me?” and what’s gonna happen after that day, you may not have sex but she’s gonna think if she did something wrong/ The next day, act like nothing happened. That kind of confusing way makes the woman like you more.

Why? It confuses them and when something confuses you, you gotta process it more and when you gotta process something more, it means that you gotta think of it more. You gotta try to understand it and that’s how you obsessively think of things. Makes sense?