Make Him Regret Ever Losing You So Much that He’ll Shamelessly Beg You Back!

Today, we’re gonna be reviewing one of my older evil videos about how to make a guy regret losing you. I’m gonna give you my take based on my perspective right now and see whether or not I agree with what I had to say at that time. 

First things first, if he dumped you or if you dumped him. Men always come back. The second thing, don’t block people, it looks emotional. Only block people when you can’t emotionally deal with them. 

The next thing is that there are 2 reasons that you got done. One, you are too needy. It is either you are emotionally weak or you are not attracted to him anymore. 

Why were you emotionally weak? You were reactive to him, too emotional, you were too there for him, too available for him. Nothing is wrong about being available, but make sure that he has earned that availability. Just make sure that he is reciprocating the things that you are giving to him.

If he is not acting the way he should be behaving, become more unavailable.