Today, we’re gonna be talking about the way women want you to text them. This is something that a lot of pickup artists do, where they text women to be entertaining. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with making a woman laugh but trying to make her laugh with your humour comes across as tryhard.

It’s a lot better through your value–in other words, if you’re cold and she likes you a lot, trust me, you’re gonna become a comedian. That’s how it works, all of a sudden you’re funny to them.

First thing’s first, texting a woman, I prefer that if you get a woman’s number, it’s better to call her first and if she doesn’t pick up the phone call, tell her to call you back when she gets the time. You want to see the level of her attraction. If she’s not even willing to call you, she doesn’t like you.

In the beginning, there are very few things to make a woman like you, you can mitigate her losing interest or make her respect you. When a woman doesn’t know what you feel about her, all of a sudden, anxiety comes up. They want to know how you feel about them and the more that you leave them in the dark, the more they don’t know how you feel, the more anxious they’ll be. But when a woman knows how you’re gonna react, obviously, she’s gonna feel cocky.

What you gotta do is to learn how to text dry. The reason why I want you to text dry is that the opposite which is texting and trying to be funny and entertaining gives you away too much. You want to be a mystery.