Men Are ALWAYS Repelled When Women Do These 4 Things!

First and foremost is wearing your emotions on your sleeve. Do not always show people what you feel. People don’t want is you consistently complain and consistently cry and that’s what happens when people wear their emotions on their sleeve, they tire people out. That also means telling people what you want, not controlling your emotions, and telling exactly what you have in your mind. And that trait pushes a needy behavior that makes you look a little bit crazy and not stable. Some men when they see you and will not respect you that much.

The second thing is having expressive eyes and gestures. In other words the psycho vibe. If you notice that a person is giving you that psycho eyes are that there are just really more expressive. What happens is when people get nervous two things to happen they either amplify their nonverbals or they diminish their nonverbals out of anxiety. And most people will get turned off by it. So lower your nonverbals and slow things down.

The third one is being too masculine. And these women who are too masculine have unfortunately been through trauma where they developed a defensive mechanism to protect themselves by creating a shell of masculinity. There’s nothing wrong with being a masculine woman but dating, will not help you. Because a man needs at least an illusion that you need help and that you’re not dependent on him. And one of the ways that you can reverse that is by opening up a little bit more and being a little more expressive in terms of your emotions.

The fourth thing is just having a negative attitude toward life. This negativity is more of a character flaw in which you just see the world with a negative outlook. Like complaining about life and nobody likes a negative person because those emotions are contagious. So meditate and learn to accept life.

The last one is having too high standards which is pretty much a form of self-sabotage. Because of these unrealistic standards, they push people away and a lot of that has to do with being a little bit more open-minded. I don’t oppose having a certain standard on your mind but if it pretty much disqualifies everyone in your life that’s an ultimate form of self-sabotage. Sometimes you just have to shape things out.