Men Don’t Want a Feminine Woman, They Want This Instead

Too much masculinity or feminity in a man or woman became toxic. And being too feminine is unattractive because you became like any other woman.

If you look into a man’s perspective man wanted a woman who had a little bit of femininity and a little bit of masculinity. So you would wanna ask yourself what are the masculine traits of my personality that are natural.

There is a charisma that emanates from that type of contradiction. That kind of friction brings people to you out of sheer fascination. And you can create the kind of friction or spark of charisma through subtler ways that are natural to everybody.

Go ahead and do something you want whether it is masculine or feminine and that will make you more attractive. Because it will show another side of personality others don’t.

You don’t stand out for being too feminine. It could be boring. What you gonna do is admire certain men and make them you’re role models. In that way, you will develop that assertive and masculine personality. You just need a hint of it you don’t have to have it all.