These are three things about female nature we should be aware of.

  1. A woman may want to go out with you today and not tomorrow and you have to expect it. You cant be walking around with that air of certainty. The thing is us guys, we’re wired to take any type of attention from women as though there’s potential to sex.
  2.  A lot of times women will test you to see how strong you are as a person. She’ll make fun of you, she’ll troll you just to see if you’re willing to stand up to her.
  3. Generally it takes time for a woman to like you in a social setting. As long as you’re respectful, as long as you do your work, somebody’s gonna end up liking you. They may not like you at first but over time, they’ll start to see your personality and sometimes women are endeared by it and they end up liking you.