Mistakes Women Make That Make Men Pull Away

Here are things to avoid when making men chase, these are what women do regularly that cause the tactics that I teach you not to work. These are very simple behaviors that may look complicated because you allow them to grow.

The first mistake is qualifying yourself. Avoid saying cool things about yourself to impress him. Focus on saying things for the fun of it rather than the need for it. When you feel the need to impress someone and you act on it, you are reinforcing that habit that you’re trying to avoid.

The second mistake is reacting to him. Go in it without an outcome, or else you’ll have a predisposed bias about his traits and you may miss obvious things. Become aware of yourself creating future projections of being with a guy in the hopes of being happy and fulfilling a fantasy.

The third one is defensiveness. Defensiveness is a learned behavior as a result of being unable to handle stress. Defensiveness is also a construct of the ego that wants to stay alive. Notice yourself being defensive because when you want to be right, that’s where bias creeps in.

The fourth mistake is being too self-consumed by not listening during the conversation or thinking about what you want to say next. Rather than being present in the moment, you focus on your mind-made self-compulsive desire to think. Feel the breath all the way and it fixes this.