I want to be able to give you guys a few last things that I want you to understand. Look, when it comes to dating guys, don’t accept “maybe’s”. Don’t accept uncertainty. If a guy is saying that he’s too busy and if he’s always coming up with excuses, pull away. If a guy flakes on you two times, do not waste your time with people who are always flaking on you ESPECIALLY in the beginning.

It’s a forecast of things to come. If you’re with a guy that you love and he’s uncertain about marrying you–the things that I say are easier said than done but it’s what works–when you read books about self-help, it’s not easy to do those things but they’re very simple concepts. The problem is that as simple as it sounds, it’s hard but that’s what you gotta conjure up: your power as a female, your power as an individual.

When a guy isn’t giving what you want, you don’t complain. You fcking leave. You leave that $hit because the consequence of staying with somebody who’s uncertain about you does not compare with the consequence of leaving them.