Never Choose a Man Over Self Respect…. (Reacting to old videos)

So today we’re going to be reviewing one of my most well-received videos that I’ve ever made. In this video, it’s all about valuing self-respect over a man, in order to get him to respect you. Look, this video was made when one of my exes was trying to play me and I was a little tight. As you could tell I was pretty tight and usually whenever I learn of a new concept or whenever I need to learn something when it comes to dating its because I went through something you know I went to the to the dark side and came back like Moses coming back from Mount Sinai with his Ten Commandment I come to the dark side leave and come back with something precious right and this for me was precious thing that came out so I shared it to you my subscribers and supporters in this video.

So let’s see what I have to say whether or not I agree with it now and I’m gonna give you guys my take on it as we go through the video.