NEVER GIVE A MAN A SECOND CHANCE – Ed and Liz – 90 Day: The Single Life

Alright, today we’re gonna be reviewing 90 days finance about Ed and Liz. They’re engaged and for those who know the couple has been through a rough patch. The guy cheated on the woman and has been narcissistic while the problem with the woman is she’s an empath so she gets easily manipulated. So we’re gonna watch it and I’m gonna say my take on it.

One of the signs they are toxic is they wanna commit so fast. And I can say she’s also toxic for accepting it. Ladies never accept cheaters. So when a man hurts you what makes you think that he will not do it again? I understand that you wanna make this work real bad and it affects your judgment. Sometimes it feels harder to leave but the long term consequences of staying with someone who cheats on you, treats you bad and inconsistent, you have to leave because it will not get any better. 

Here comes the manipulation using crying and the number one who gets manipulated by this strategy is an empath. And who used this strategy is a narcissist.  

Lastly let’s talk about two biggest smokescreens in human psychology. Which is words and dopamine. Words are used by telling them what they want to hear and it releases dopamine which completely distracts you from their actions and manipulations.