Never Let Men Win You Over Too Easy

The reason why you never let a man win you over too easily. It’s one thing for him to win you over easily because we’re humans. Most of the time people try to hide how they feel about you. They always try to look neutral, they are always trying to play it cool. So people either show their hatred when in private, people will show their love when no one’s around. When you express how you feel too fast, when you let them see that they won you over, they can’t respect you that much.

It’s one thing when a man has to work to see whether or not you like him. When you don’t show that he won you over too soon, men have to put in a lot more brain energy. They have to wonder. They have to pay more attention to you because there’s a veil and they can’t see through it because you’re hiding how you feel. If you were really thinking about how to see it from his perspective, you will notice that making it harder on him is actually better. It makes the sweet taste of victory better but when you make it easy on him, he doesn’t really value you simply because he didn’t struggle enough. Make them feel that they’re going to lose you easily but never make them feel they’re going to win you over easily because they won’t respect that. The best type of relationship is when both partners are afraid of losing the other person, but still feels secured.