Never Try To Change a Man

Most coaches will want to tell you what you wanna hear but the truth is most people rarely change. People rarely do things just once they’re always repeating the behavior they’ve learned to do. 

We can’t change people’s character flaws where there are some parts of their personality. It happens when something went wrong with them growing up and it’s such an ingrained part of their personality that they cannot change it.

The biggest mistake women do is trying to change their men. And this is because you wanna settle so rather than finding somebody who is ready for you, you try to change the guy you are with. And this man is either manipulative saying he would change or this guy tend to be not assertive. The point is however he is right now, don’t change him.

So what makes a guy change? It’s everything but you. Even other women can make him change because there he likes her enough or must be something about her that I can’t explain. Next is life. He may be he’s getting older, a life-changing experience, having a kid or something in his bring changed. But these things are so random and out of control that this rarely happens.

Remember don’t ever try to change a man because he is who he is. You will just waste your time because they don’t change.