Non-Verbal Ways to Get Inside a Man’s Head

I learned this from a girl that I went out with last week.

She talked in a very unique manner. One of her mannerisms was that when I said something, she would be like, ‘Wooow.’

Usually, you would have that reaction when the other person said something crazy. From her perspective, she wasn’t saying it because I’m crazy. She was doing it maybe because it has been a habit.

Another thing that she would do is whenever I said something, she would roll her eyes while looking away. I would be like, ‘What the f*** does that mean?’

She would say, ‘No, I was just listening.’ Now that I’m thinking about it, maybe she didn’t like me.

It did get into my head.

Another thing that also gets into people’s heads is, from time to time, she would have a straight face while I’m talking. People usually give you feedback through their faces. With her, it was just a straight face.

I found it very fascinating.

How do you use this in a conversation with your intended target?

I use this on a date later on. In the beginning, she wasn’t interested. I then remembered what the other girl did to me.

When she said something, I rolled my eyes as I looked away. She asked, ‘Is there something wrong with that?’

I said, ‘No. No. Keep talking.’ I noticed that as I started doing that, it got into her head.

This gets into people’s heads because we’re always looking for people’s reactions whenever we say something. We look for a reaction to seeing if we’re saying the right thing.

When you give them an ambiguous reaction, it makes them doubt themselves. They’re listening to you, but they’re also looking at where they stand in your mind. That’s how you get into people’s heads.

As humans, if somebody doesn’t give us the feedback that we want, we try to get it.

Become someone who needs to be stimulated in order to get a reaction.

Don’t do this all the time. When you do it, it makes them want to recover the previous reaction that you’ve given them.

I used to think that in order to make people chase, you should make them laugh. There’s another side of it where you don’t do anything.

Show them an ambiguous reaction that could mean anything. Don’t give them a clear understanding as to what you’re communicating. Let them guess what you mean.

Do this from time to time when you’re talking to someone.

When they say something about themselves, roll your eyes. When they talk about something that’s interesting to them, give them a straight face.