The Charisma Code – London Online Seminar (July 2023)


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London, I’m coming!

I’m very excited to introduce to you  The Charisma Code. A 2 day seminar that will teach you how to communicate confidence, status and power without even saying a word.

We will learn how to eliminate negative needy non verbal cues that causes people to see you as needy and low value.

You will learn how to sit, stand and speak in such a way that communicates strength.

You will learn how to adapt positive confident body language that will transform the way people react to you. This even shocked me when I learned this.

By the end of this seminar your friends, if applied properly, will sense that something changed in you. They’ll sense a relaxed confidence emanating from you but won’t be able to explain why. This silent confident can only be expressed non verbally and this seminar will do exactly that.

Date and time: July 29-30 2023

  • Saturday, July 29th at 1pm-4pm
  • Sunday at July 30th 2pm-5pm


More details of the seminar will be added in the future.