Let’s talk about the two different reasons why ignoring a man hurts them and after that, we’re gonna be talking about the different types of men and how they react to you ignoring them.

The first reason why ignoring for the most part affects the guy is because he feels that he lacks control. It’s better to argue with somebody than to be ignored. Once they feel they have no control over their thoughts and anxieties that they’re naturally suppressing trying to keep underneath their consciousness arises. In their minds, your value rises if you put them in an actual state for the most part.

The next thing is ignoring a man gives them lower self-esteem. When a guy feels like he has you and he is doing you favor to be with you that women tend to do sometimes by not withdrawing their presence from time to time. This is important because it keeps things level. Now when you ignore somebody they naturally start second-guessing themselves they’ll begin to wonder why this person ignoring me, what did they do to make this happen,  they consider everything they said and done and they’ll ask why you are ignoring them. It is better to ignore somebody without telling them the reason you’re ignoring them. 

Now let’s talk about three types of guys who will react to you ignoring them

The first type is the narcissist. Narcissistic people do not self-reflect and they do not find fault and so what narcissistic people would do is they will start attacking you and they will get angry. They’ll become enraged to get your attention, especially in ways that can be toxic and abusive. Ignoring a narcissist person will enrage them because of their fragile ego.

The next type of guy is guys with high self-esteem and if they like you they” chase you a little bit. They might call you but they won’t go overboard. Now the guy with low self-esteem will go on and go on until it will get worse and worse in terms of desperateness to the point where you lose your respect for the guy. 

The last type of guy is the guy who likes you or doesn’t like you. It’s really difficult to tell because those guys can love you for years until you pay attention to them and validate them until they lose interest. The only way for you to know with these types of guys is that you show interest and what will happen is they can consistently chase and never pull away or they’ll chase the priority then they pull away. The guy that chases temporarily when you pull away doesn’t really like you.

Now they are guys who don’t care when you ignore them and it can be guys that didn’t like you, narcissist who has too much fragile ego, or it could be the guy that has options.

And that is pretty much some of the psychological aspects of ignoring a guy. It’s a very strong strategy and it’s a strategy that I recommend you use if you feel like the guy you’ve seen is not putting enough effort. It will not make them love you but it will help you identify their feelings toward you. And if they are not sure about what they feel ignoring them might accelerate the process. Always remember to have valid reasons when ignoring a guy and he will start figuring it out themselves.